Beli grad
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Beli grad is located at:
Nemanjina 42, Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381 11 3612126

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to call us after you booked.

We shall be more than glad to help!

Airport Directions
If you arrive to Belgrade by plane, you have the regular bus line of JAT (the Serbian airline company), whose departure point is in front of the airport building. The JAT bus terminal is in the center of Belgrade, on Slavija Square, right next to our hostel.

The other possibility is to take a taxi, which costs about 20 Euros from the airport to Slavija Square (recommendation: if you call +381119801 you can get a taxi company which is offering a special price for driving you from the airport to any town destination - only 10 Euros). You should be very careful with the taxi drivers at the airport. Many of them are illegal, charging unreasonable amounts. The best idea is to make an agreement with the taxi driver before you enter his vehicle, and everything that does not exceed 20 Euros is acceptable and fair.

Bus Station Directions
If you travel by bus, you should take the same directions as for the train station; expect that you arrive on the bus terminal, which is located just beside the railway station.

Train Station Directions
If you arrive by train, it will be very easy for you to find your way. Leaving the station through the main exit, you shall see a wide and spacious street (Nemanjina Street) with a gentle rise, leading directly to the hostel „Beli grad“. Walk on the right side of it. After crossing four horizontal streets there will be only 20 meters left to the entrance to the building (street number 42) in which our hostel is located.

It is an 800 meters walk from the station to the hostel. If you do not feel like walking or you have too much luggage to carry, you have two options. The first one is to take a taxi, which would cost you about two Euros (be sure to get a taxi on the street, because many illegal taxi drivers are waiting at the railway station, charging much more than regular prices).

The other option is to take a streetcar or a bus – streetcars number 2, 3, or 12 and buses 78 or 83 (all will take you to Slavija Square). It is only one stop drive. The streetcar stop is right in front of the hostel, while the bus stop is about 20 meters down the street.

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